Now: Building with Macports fails

Hi all, I’d really like to try synfig out, but I have not been able to get an installable version for Mac osx. I tried downloading the DMG file from the downloads page, but the installer fails. I have Xcode so I tried the source but it seemed to. But it appears to be missing a lots of deependencies.

Has anyone got a working DMG file?

Also why does it need an installer? Most Mac software is self contained and simply dragged to the applications folder. Installers are usually served for apps that need to manipulate system directories.


The main issue is because our limited manpower, and currently we can not provide a dmg for osx. But it doesn’t mean we can not install/run Synfig Studio on OSX platform, if you search the forums you will fing several threads about it. I personally recommend macport as discussed at the following topic: … 1&start=15

I agree with jcome. I’ve Synfig installed on my iMac and on my MacBook too. Look the topic that jcome talks about. :slight_smile:


I’ve downloaded mac ports 2.0.3 and installed it.

I then tried

port install synfig


port install synfigstudio

An hour later - both failed with a large number of warnings and errors in the log. So I’m no closer. I’m trying to figure out what the errors are. But it’s not easy to understand errors in something you don’t know.

I’ve just logged a bug and attached the log file. Hope fully that helps :slight_smile:

Did you use “sudo” as in sudo port install synfigstudio ?

Yep, used sudo on both commands.

Try to run these commands:

“sudo port -v selfupdate”
“sudo port upgrade outdated”
and then try
“sudo port install synfigstudio” in that order

Nop, didn’t work.

Nothing was updated as everything is already up to date.

The build log says:

:debug:build couldn’t open “/System/Library/Frameworks/Tcl.framework/Versions/8.5/Resources/tclIndex”: no such file or directory

I checked and the directory exists, but the file doesn’t.

Ok, then I don’t know, sorry, I don’t know what the tcl is either.

Well it’s been 4 days now and I am no closer to being able to try out Synfig. It’s a tragedy really. Synfig looks to possible be the only Mac OSX animation program that is decently designed. At least within the price range that your average home user or software developer is willing to pay. I’d happily pay $100 for a decent package that would do what I need, that being to put together simple animations for a game I’m thinking of developing.

Now I’m a software developer myself and I really don’t get the attitude of some developers in the community. There is absolutely zero point in developing great software if you cannot put it in the hands of users - Period. And that’s the problem with Synfig. It might be as good as it looks in the screen dumps. It might even be better. But I cannot tell because I cannot get it to install. Providing faulty download packages and expecting users (who are usually NOT programmers) to install development tooling and run builds is not a smart way to go. You are immediately cutting yourself off from potentially thousands of users. It’s even worse when your build suggestions fail to work.

I’ve been more patient than most. Most people would have given it a couple of tries with the DMG files and then simply gone elsewhere. Every lost install is a lost user, a future lost sale, lost recommendations, etc. It’s not hard. Synfig like a lot of software could easily grow it’s user base and transition from a OSS hobby for some to a full time business. But by crippling it’s distribution, giving users really back experiences before the have even started it, and not doing anything about it - the developers are shooting their own code in the interface before they have even started.

p.s. and having a forum that keeps logging people out all the time doesn’t really help either!

Im’ sorry that you cannot get Synfig to install.
These harsch word on the developers is not fair though. Synfig has just a handful of developers, none of which have a mac.
Synfig is community developed, meaning it’s users like you and me who do the actual development in their spare time.
i know there are users here that have done quite some work to get working Mac packages but it does seemt that it’s not a particulary easy system to build on. It seems like it’s very OS version specific, what works on Tiger does not work on Puma etc. (I don’t know exactly which cat names are used)
If you’re not happy with the mac installation there’s a few things you can do.

  • There seems to be a few different ways to install Synfig on Mac, have you tried them all? (Macports, Homebrew, etc.)
  • Share your experience from installation with the people doing the Mac packages. Perhaps they can help.
  • Try to build yourself and share your experience here so you might be able to help others like yourself.
  • Donate a Mac to Synfig development for the developers to build upon.
  • If you’re willing to pay $100 for a decent package that does what you need you could pay those to someone knowing their ways around Macs which can build a proper package. That way you can also help others as well as Synfig itself.

Also I think you’ve misunderstood open source. Synfig is not a hobby project that would jump at any opportunity to turn it into full time business. Synfig is a project developed by the community for the community, it will not become a sold proprietary software. The community is it’s strength.
alos plenty of people are using Synfig, most of them using linux where it runs perfectly, some using windows ewhich also works great. We have users on Macs as well but since developers lack knowledge and hardware for the platform it is a bit harder to build proper packages for it.

I would suggest you try to find out a little bit more about open source, it’s a fascinating world.

Hey Drekka, as forum administrator I’m really worried about those logging out you’re suffering but we don’t know what’s the cause of it. I can offer any kind of administration work with your account but I need to have your agreement. I can force password re-activation for example but I won’t do that without your permit.
Please (please) write a letter to and detailied explain the problem. Also ask for pass reactivation or even user account deactivation (keeping the posts) and register again with other (similar) username. If the problem still persisting, something wrong is happening from your side. If something were going wrong on the forum database or engines, there would be more people complaining.

I can understand your frustration but you have to understand mine too. Synfig project is maintained by volunteers. We (well let’s talk only by myself), I spend my free time supporting people on forum, coding new features and trying to kill bugs, and (within my small artistics abilities) create animations and promote the usage of Synfig. I’ve managed to learn to build Synfig just by reading the wiki pages and asking others here on the forum and the chat. I’ve managed to install several linux virtual machines to test Synfig on them or even in virtualized Micrsoft Windows. But unfortunately I cannot virtualize a Mac OS. There is no way to run a Mac OS unless you have a Mac machine. Also, unfortunately (and believe me, I want one) I can’t afford to purchase an iMac.

So instead of complain about Synfig developers work (I think that I can speak for them at this moment), please ask to the Mac community people to turn to Synfig and give a hand on its development. Please be patience, most of people that have successfully installed Synfig on Mac are not coders but had have the intention to learn and to contribute.

And do consider the wise words of rylleman too :slight_smile: