Novice Animator Seeking Advice!!

Greetings! I have a 17 year old son with good drawing and graphic skills and who is now interested in learning 2D animation. He a birthday very soon and has asked for animation software. A friend of mine who worked on Coraline suggested Synfig. I will certainly introduce my son to your site. I would also love to hear from as many people as possible with recommendations for other free or purchasable software (windows), tutorial sites, good old fashioned books, etc. I really want him to have a sense of success and not be immediately overwhelmed with technical complexity and information overload. Please help this future colleague get off to a fun and satisfying start! Thanks to everyone for whatever help you can provide!

(originally posted under “Introductions”…whoops!)

Hi, please stop double posting the same matter. Your initial post at Introductions is fine and was replied already.


I re-posted my question because there was so little response after posting in “Introductions”. Seems reasonable. Your reply feels chilly. Just looking for help!

Patience is the king of virtues. Your impatience bothers those who truly support forums.