November Challenge: A looping background

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The fire.sfiz file is the exhaust gas from the rocket. the stars1, stars2 and stars3 are that, stars :slight_smile:

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I’m an idiot.

Please provide the console output information you obtain when you try to open the file.
It works to me even unzipping in any other place.

synfig <6016> [7:55:04 PM] info: Setting preview synfig <6016 [7:55:04 PM] info: FPS = 12.000000

Hope this helps!!

also the message that i get when the program crashes when i try to preview it is:

and it gives me the only option of closing the program!

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Working OK under XP, for what it’s worth…


EDIT: delete (gives the same info that’s in an earlier post)

pixelgeek: ok, but it doesn’t work on Vista, for what its worth… :laughing:


Great, all entries rock! :smiley:

So … here is mine. And it’s not WIP and I’m not even late, wooo!
It’s a looping background. Really. Maybe a weird one. It’s a kind of “Jack and the magic beanstalk” (or something).

And in case you want to see it without the warp and haze :

The source can be found here … runk2.sifz

Wow! a 3D loop!
Very good entry! I like it very much! :slight_smile:

That is really great looking and different kind of looping background, I love it!

Aaaaah! If we had the selective blur you don’t have need to place that cloud in the vanishing point! :slight_smile:

Hehehe, and how’s the coding going? :wink:

But maybe there should be a cloud hiding the top of the trunk, even with blur, because the Warp layer didn’t allow me to make trunk too thin at the top. For some reason, the top wasn’t displayed if the 2 top control points were too close to each other.

Nice one rore!

Here’s my entry. I think I miscalculated my back line of trees slightly…

“It was a quiet day for a routine patrol…”

Zenoscope posted his belated response:

Really quite nice IMO.

I was moving, plus it took much longer than I had intended. Next time I’ll only be a few weeks late :stuck_out_tongue:

@Rore: The 3d stalk is awesome! I think the “cloud” adds to the 3dness.