November '10 - A car on a bumpy road

So, judging by the relatively low number of entries, the challenges have been a little too abstract for people? How about a simple one this month - a car, from the side, on a bumpy road.

Show us what you got!


This calls for a shake modified! :laughing: Okay, I’m joking. I’m on it.

Hello guys. I am going to be very busy for the next months, so that I say goodbye for the present with this little car.

Nice one Rafael!

Nice job, Rafael!

And - for the record and whatever it’s worth - I actually do have something in the works for this one, but I almost certainly won’t have it by the deadline. Better late than never … AGAIN! :smiley:


Racing across the deadline with screeching tires…

Well, you’ll have to imagine the screeching tires as there are no sound effects. :wink:


Excellent work dustbunny!
/me pokes rylleman for demo reel nomination

Yes, I’ve just dropped it in my “material” folder for the reel.

Dustbunny. Can we use it? Do you want to share source-material?


I’d be honoured to have it on the new demo reel. I’ve attached the source files to this post. I’m also working on a more detailed car-related work. I’ll post it in the work in progress section when it gets to a stage where it can be animated.

Matt, I am getting curious about what you were brewing up for this one. Any chance of showing us?

challenge-copy.rar (460 KB)

Excellent work, dustbunny. Congratulations.