Not so many people here?!

Well hello! :smiley:

First, I’ll introduce myself. As you can all see, you can call me Devilly (my real name is Dennis).
I’m new here on these forums and I’m also new to Synfig, but I’m wondering: how come there aren’t more members here around?
I’ve only just scratched the surface of Synfig (just learned how to use the keyframes), but I’ve already got the feeling I’ve got a pretty good animation package at my disposal. That’s why I don’t understand why there aren’t many more people here. I guess it could just be answered with ‘There aren’t many people interested.’, but I wondered if there are more reasons.

On top of that I would like to see a nice community behind this software to make sure it’ll stay up and get better in the future.

One more question: I guess it wouldn’t be too much of a problem if I would advertise on a couple of sites for Synfig, would it? :wink:



Ah, we only let the cool people play.

Don’t let everyone know!!!

Seriously, I suspect that many people tried it when it was less stable, and haven’t come back since it improved, or are put off by the install requirements or learning curve to get the most from the software. It is, as you say, very powerful.

Spread the word. The more people that use it, the more people will hear about it, the more people will help improve it, the better it will get.


I’m already spreading the word!

Another question: is there any indication of how many people are using the software?

I have no idea.

Sourceforge reckons that 82K downloads of Synfig have occurred since we released 0.61.08 in April. I believe Synfig is also bundled with some Linux distros now. We have 95 members of the forum, but I’m sure many more than that read anonymously, judging by some of the page view counts.

As for users? It’s probably in the thousands.

“Ground floor - going up!”

We’ll make it bigger!

“Ground floor - going up!”…“Next stop: heaven!” :mrgreen:

Welcome Devilly.
There are only a few people involved. Our goal is to involve more people like you to help on any aspect of synfig developing.
Thanks again for your contributions and your advertises about synfig existence.

BTW, I’ve just returned form holidays. Maybe some others regulars (forum and IRC) are on vacations too. That doesn’t explain the lack of people, though. :smiley:

No mac version is probably a big contributor to this. I know people will think I’m just being a self-serving whiny macosx fanboy or something, but if you look at the typical uses macs are put to, you’ll see a very large percentage of graphic users. So although macs have less market share, many of that small percent are into graphics. This is shown in the user base of programs such as Maya, which [last time I read a few years ago] had 25% of their user base as mac users. Which might seem small at only a quarter, but consider the mac user base at that time was 1 or 2%.

There is a fink installer version of Synfig for the Mac. Have you tried that? Does it not work for you?