Noise Gradient Dispersal Effect

An experimental effort to try to create a dispersing effect which is normally done by particles. Feels unfinished and I’m not too sure where to take it as it seems its the farthest I can take it. Based off of the “realistic flames” tutorial where the noise gradient is making the movement. Also…I don’t know how to post a gif into these text boxes to demonstrate it. :blush: (P.S.: I recommend viewing it in preview first when opening the file.)
FXTest.sifz (3.86 KB)

Very good I think if I can export this to flv or mpeg or any video format I can do a video with this (particle effect):

Very cool effect!

Very cool indeed. A beautiful supernova explosion.

That was beautiful! Could make for a neat wormhole for a sci-fi series. :slight_smile: