No More Inbetweening for Me!

Hey guys!

I’m a hobbyist animator from the US who’s really grateful to have found Synfig. For some bizarre reason, I spent a while animating with flip-book style software on my, get this, Kindle Fire, of all things… After nearly going mad from the hours of repeating copy layer - next frame - paste layer - drag layer exactly two pixels over - wait, was that two pixels or three? I can’t tell - delete layer - paste layer and try again for every single motion tween.

I finally decided it was time to upgrade, so I got a Huion pad tablet. I tried several different animation programs, and while they all had something neat to bring to the table, there was a clear winner for me- Synfig Studio. I’m still learning the basics, but it’s already blown my mind! I hear that a lot of people shy away from it because of the abundance of layers a project can have, but I think that’s the real power of the software. It makes it so easy to be organized and change foundational aspects of an animation without having to completely rework the whole scene.

Needless to say, I’m happy with the software and am excited to have found this animation community! I look forward to meeting you all!

Welcome to the forum.
Wanted to say have fun with Synfig but that does not seem to be a problem. :smiley:

Hey darkspace, thanks for the warm welcome!

Nope, it’s not a problem :laughing: I think working with Synfig will be a great experience.