No libtiff4 dependency on Ubuntu 14.04

I know that Synfig version 0.64.1 was released before Ubuntu 14.04 came out, and that the latest Synfig version is coming up soon, but currently I’m unable to instally that version on the latest LTS. It gives me the error, “Dependency not satisfiable: libtiff4”. A package with that name doesn’t seem to exist for 14.04 (since that distro version seems to use libtiff5), and installing libtiff4-dev seems to do nothing.

Just curious: when’s the next version coming up? Even if that takes a bit of time, is there any way I can install Synfig stable on 14.04?

Yikes, nevermind. I just realized that the version in the official repos were the same as the one on this site. -.-" LOL My bad…

Hello all,

This dependency on libtiff4 is actually a problem for ubuntu 14.04 (LTS) users, as it will prevent them for installing easily synfig. Could you please change the package requirements to libtiff4 (for older ubuntus) OR libtiff5 (for more recent releases)?

In the meantime, interested users can work around the issue by downloading and installing an archived version of libtiff4 before installing Synfig.
Grab it from

direct links (mirrors in the link above) … _amd64.deb for 64 bits architectures … 1_i386.deb for 32 bits

hope this helps.