No hide and lock buttons on each layer in the layers panel

I noticed that Synfig doesn’t have lock and/or hide buttons visible next to each layer on the layers panel. I wonder if it’s even a feature in this program. Note that I’m using the latest stable version of Synfig so I don’t know if this is currently in development but I did my research and I can confirm that this is not yet a topic.

There is no hide button, but you can deactivate a layer by clicking on the checkbox, which will hide the layer.

Okay, thanks for answering but still doesn’t fully answer my question.

As far as I know there is no lock feature in Synfig. But you can add a feature request here

Lock is only available for Group layers (in their properties).

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Okay, I requested there to be a lock for all layer types with the alternative to make it more obvious to do so.


An important addition that stops you doing things by accident. A sensible proposal. :smile:

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