No Encapsulate in SynFig? And Skeleton wont connect

Hi, working on a 2d animation. Drew the characters in Synfig on the canvas. I used groups instead of “encapsulate” because I cannot find encapsulate in here. Is this the same thing? Using windows 64 bit version.

Also, developed the skeleton for the character and the skeleton parts all move together fine, but the character won’t. In the demos it mentions skeleton transformation, but the only skeleton available is just skeleton (no transformation). I have extended the range of influence, but doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Any advice will help. I have already watched all the skeleton demos I could find. Thank you!

Encapsulate is old school lingo and is not available anymore in the newest version of Synfig. Group (layer) is the way to go.
In order to make the skeleton work you need to attach the vertex points of your character to the skeleton. You can find a small tutorial here
You can find skeleton deformation which is useful with pixel characters under New Layer - Distortions - Skeleton Deformation. A video explaining skeleton deformation can be found here.

Example of pixel arm rigged with SKeleton Deformation. RigArm_SkeletonDeformation.sifz (2.49 KB)
Note: Maybe make a little tutorial placed under Basic Bone Tutorial using the same arm?

Thank you. That second video finally got me what I was looking for :wink: I’m off to the races with this, I’ll see if I can’t get something up soon. Peace.