Night of the Living Dead Pastries

A (very) short horror animation done in lunch hours and late nights. … -pastries/

Ahahah! Nice! No sunday cake for me, I think, lol. :laughing:
Any chance you could share something about your workflow?

Evil muffins… :mrgreen:

I start by sketching out all scenes in Pencil. I’ve also used the Mypaint animation branch that was done for the short film Viaje a la tierra del Quebracho. It’s really great but unfortunately it seems like it’s not developed anymore. Also it lacked in that it didn’t allow more than one animation layer. I really like Mypaint and being able to animate in it is like a dream. There is a new initiative to get animation in Mypaint called Dopey, hopefully that will bring Mypaint animation forward.
Here’s a screencast of one scene being animated in Mypaint: Speedup is about 20x.
I then bring in the scenes as sequences in Synfig where I draw, rig and animate a vector character based on the sketch.
Backgrounds is drawn in Mypaint.
All scenes are then comped and edited in Blender.

That was great! Also, I love that you used opensource software to produce the entire short, even comping in Blender. I was about to get excited for mypaint, especially since I’m on the verge of abandoning Adobe products, but too bad it’s no longer in development as I’m on the lookout for a good opensource raster fbf animation program(tvpaint has a free android version currently in beta, but it’s been in development for over a year now). I tried Pencil many years ago, but way too buggy from what I can remember.

I abandoned the Adobe suite many years ago now and have not missed it a bit. I think the open source alternatives is good enough now, some even surpassing them.
I too miss a good raster fbf tool. Pencil is buggy, even though it has gotten better the last year or so with the pencil2d fork, but its brushes is just awful. I think it’s only suitable for sketching as it is now. Mypaint would be fantastic, but unfortunately I don’t see much development speed in Dopey. There was a Krita Gsoc project this summer for animation integration but I haven’t seen any result from that yet.

Great work my friend!

My daughters and I had a good laugh watching it this morning - it’s wonderful.

Ha, ha, ha, Great. :laughing:

I really like the background designs. It has a real 50s era kind of feel to it! Tasty!

S :smiley: