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Just asking:

How and where can we download the compiled version of the most recent Synfig. I am asking because not everyone here is a C++ developer and really knows how to build Synfig from source. I’ve seen recent commits and merges on the synfig’s GitHub. If anyone can be building periodically or releasing “Nightly builds” for those who can’t build from source it will be nice :blush:

If you need Windows build then you can download it from AppVeyour (Win-x64 only).

We are working on nightly builds, but first we need to prepare some scripts for Linux/macOS.

Edit BobSynfig:
Direct access to the page with the last built artifact (like on the image above)


“Embed layer” action doesn’t work properly in appveyor build. :eyes:


Hmm do you remember what about it doesn’t ? [I guess I can check it out myself but i’m working on other issues/features right now so I’ll probably forget xD but this way we can make an issue for it and whenever someone is free it would be worked on]

BTW while on the topic if anyone here uses the embed layer action and can test…
There was quite an old issue with it that I made a fix for but it hasn’t been tested yet.
The fix: link

These are the problems with embed layer function that I’m aware of:

  • Sometimes nested groups do not embed properly.
  • Exported groups do not embed.
  • Bones, after being embedded, doesn’t appear to be linked with the shapes.

The Appveyor build appears to be expired, hence unable to test it. :frowning:

What about now ? [extra characters]

Just checked. All the problems that I pointed are still there.

Oh yes this was a fix for just one specific issue.

Quoting from the issue:

Issue description:
When using “embed layer”, valuebase nodes do appear in the newly created canvas, as they should ; but they have no influence, the values actually used are still those of the original file.

… this appears to only happen when the valuebase is used inside of a group layer.
If it’s in the “root”, the value is correctly embedded.
To reproduce :
Create two circles A and B, put B inside a group layer
Export their radii “a” and “b”
Import this in a new animation and embed it.
You now have two supposedly independent animations
Everything works fine with A
Both B circles have their radii connected to “b” of the original animation. In the newer animation, “b” does nothing.

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Well, your fix totally fixes the stated issue except the problems that I mentioned. :rocket:

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