News for the next release

I’ve been very inspired lately and some new additions bug fixes have been added to the current code time line.



  • Allow Loop and Unloop actions when value description is a Tangent of a BLine Point.
  • Allow merge and split tangents when using a tangent as value node.
  • Allow split/merge tangents loop/unloop bline and delete vertex every where possible in the BLine Tool.
  • Include any of the sub parameters of the Composite Value Node to the candidates of remove multiple items smart.
  • Allow remove item smart when a child of a composite value node is selected and the composite is child of a dynamic list.
  • New interpolation type “Clamped”
  • Add new parameter to Paste Canvas Layer to allow grow the inner Outline type layers width. REMOVED UNTIL OTHER RELEASE

I’m building the Linux binaries for this unstable version to allow people tests the changes and feed back. I’ll posts the links once uploaded.

Please don’t be shy to complain if something done is not of your taste and propose one alternative to the new behavior.
Also it is good to tests if the bugs are fixed and if the new features introduces any new bug.


Linux binaries are available for download here: … -binaries/
The new binaries are called:
Choose the package that fits your system/architecture.

EDIT: Notice that it is a unstable version. Please don’t use it on production and if so, please be careful. In any case, if you usually install the binaries from out website it is safe to install the unstable and install the stable version back again. But saved files with unstable version files could be not backward compatible.

New binaries ave been updates on the same link. Latest version (20120116) includes one important bug fix.

Hi Genete, where can I find the source files for this version?
That is “Genete_Master” I guess? I would like to try it in osx.


Right! there is a merged branch in the git repository “genete_master” that has all the new features included. It is possible that there were some minor tweaks for the stable version but I think it is close to it.
Thank you very much for report any trouble you could find!


so what address do I use, I tried this but it didn’t work:
git clone git:// … te_master/

Git uses a co-located branch approach, meaning that the same folder is used for whatever branch you currently have checked out. The command to clone the entire repository is:

git clone git://

Then you can switch to the genete_master branch. It is a “remote” branch since it’s hosted on sourceforge. The remote you cloned from is by default called “origin”. So, to switch to the branch

cd synfig
git fetch origin genete_master
git checkout origin/genete_master

That should get you the code you need.

Thank you nikitakit, I’ll try that. :smiley:

I am eager to learn about the “clamped” interpolation.