newbie question : first sequence using .lst file

Hello everybody !

I’m new to synfig so excuse me if my question is too naive.

I’d like to make a simple film using images. After reading the wiki, I created a . lst file that looks like :
FPS 12

I created a new project using default parameters, and then click : file -> open myimages.lst.

I keep having an error message saying the file is not well formatted on column 1 line 1, which is the F of FPS …

What did I do wrong ?

Thanks for your help !

Looks alright.
Try with an empty line between FPS 12 and SCAN_20140510_200539984_002.jpg.
Also turn off Cairo render as I think that has problems with jpg-images (alternatively try converting your jpg to png).

You should be using File -> Import -> myimages.lst instead.

File -> Open is for opening Synfig’s native format (ie. sifz, sif). Any other file format else you want to load onto Synfig should be done via File -> Import menu.

Hello !

Many thanks for your help ! I went back to the wiki and tutorials, and succeeded to import the frames, export a sifz file, and create an animated gif !

But my images are truncated ! I then went to the Canvas Properties before importing.
I set width/height to 1744x981 and the resolution as 150.
I then import my frames, save the .sifz file and create the animated gif. In the “CMD” console, I have the message following repeated :
synfig(13504) [17:12:56] info: Render broken up into 1 block 860 pixels tall, and a final block 121 pixels tall
synfig(13504) [17:12:56] info: curr_palette.size()=190

The images are still truncated.

What parameter should I set up in order to keep the original size of the images ?

Thanks again !

If you want to keep the images their original size, go to File -> Setup -> Misc tab and check to see if “Scale New Imported Images to Fit Canvas” is checked. If so, uncheck it.

What is the size of the images you’re importing? I noticed you set your canvas to a 16:9 aspect ratio, but in an unusual resolution.

The imported images are 1744x-91 pixels, with a resolution of 150 dpi.

Is there some recommandation about the rsolution ? You seemed to say it is unuual

Thanks for your help =

Maybe I’m even less knowledgeable than I thought, but I was of the understanding that resolution most often referred to the number of pixels across and down, and that dpi was just another system for measuring resolution.

I’m going to recommend leaving the XRes and YRes alone and only adjusting the Height and Width. If that still doesn’t work, it might help if you upload the relevant files so other forum members can take a look at it.