Newbie - I want to make things move...

Hi Guys,
New to the forum, new to Synfig, new to 2d animation.

I’m a developer by day and everything else by night.

Not great at drawing and found inkscape and Blender a big buzz as they allow me to fix my brush strokes after the even but all I keep wanting to do is animate some 2d.

I’ve a couple of little sprogs at home and they would love a bit of fairies flying around and I figured that Synfig would be a great start.

Hopefully it will suit my needs and I will be able to contribute.

cheers Sven

Greetings svenfoster,
I’m glad you have decided to join the forum and start to dig in Synfig. Please do not hesitate on ask here whatever need for help you might have. We’ll do our best.

You mention that you’re developer by day and everything by night. We need developers, specially someone who want to help on Mac’s binaries maintaining. Also we have lot of features to implement that needs any kind of development help: sound, opengl, gui review, bones system, cmake build environment…
You’re welcome to join us :smiley:


Well I only came here to learn the art of 2d animation in Synfig but if I get a handle on the application I’m sure I’ll try and get involved… Not sure I fit into the Mac expert mold as its pretty new to me but they stole gods OS (unix :wink: ) so it cant be that hard lol.

I may pull down the mac sources and see if I can get a build done. Its got to perform better than the windows build, as I’m sorry to say guys the windows ver doesnt perform well for me and crashes most of the time (on vista anyway… then again, probably a feature of vista. it sucks). Failing that I’ll head over to the linux distro and try that… I suspect most of your userbase is on there.

Let me get some fairies drawn first :wink: once they are done, other than the sequel “fairy fightclub” I’m free on a night.