Newbie and Splines

I don’t get it. I’m trying to create a spline (spine loop). I select only region (or region and outline, doesn’t matter). I point and click a few points where I want vertices. Then I go use the transform tool and make sure the vertex and tangent display is on.
Some vertices I can click’n drag and the tangents show up and life is good. Other vertices only move and no tangents are present.
I know I can do a slight drag at each vertex at time of spline creation to create handles and smooth lines, but I want to just do a quick click, click, click (spline loop) and then start playing with the tangents, but some vertices will allow me to expose the tangent arms and some don’t.
Am I forced the click and drag every vertex at time of creation to ensure I have tangents later?
Please advise.
Thanks in advance.


Just drag on the lines connecting the spline points

  1. You can drag the line segments:
    Peek 15-09-2022 06-07-

Sorry you can’t see my mouse pointer :frowning: Something is wrong with screen recorder.

  1. Sometimes you can find the tangent (yellow) handle by moving around the vertex handle:
    Peek 15-09-2022 06-14

  2. You can always hide the vertex handle in order to see the tangent handles.
    These buttons are on the top toolbar in 1.4.x versions, and they were moved to a side toolbar in the development versions (1.5.x releases):

Sorry my screen recorder is really broken now.