New Windows SVN build is available

Windows SVN build 1239 is available for download

And also Atrus just posted SVN 1230 at the same time - see the download page for details.


Windows SVN build 1503 is now available for download

Windows SVN build 1634 is now available for download

This build has a manual patch to make it equivalent to SVN 1635 (gtk & gtkmm required) {resolves problems rendering targets of ffmpeg and imagemagick for pathnames with spaces}

Windows SVN build 1796 is now available for download


Windows SVN build 1987is now available for download

I also updated the pointers to GTK & GTKmm to point to version 2.10.11 at the Windows Unofficial download area.


Ooops! It’s been a while…

Windows SVN build 2055 is now available for download


Is it stupid to ask what ‘SVN’ means?



SVN is a version control system, we use it to store changes to the source code. SVN builds are basically previews of what the next release version will be like.

Thank you both for the answers.

Windows SVN build 2167 is now available for download. New experimental features include AVI import, and new layer Curvewarp - allowing you to do things like this -



(I’ve got to stop using that word :laughing:)

How long did it take to render?


I wasn’t timing it, but 2-3 minutes would be my guess. (P4 3 GHz - 5 year old PC). I didn’t actually keep the file, so I can’t rerun it.

pixelgeek: Can you make a better tutorial on how to build on windows operating systems (The current one suck)?

Might be a good idea to list the issues you have with the current tutorial rather than just saying it sucks.

Constructive criticism is great, trashing it is not.

Superanimator - have you tried following it? Where did you get stuck?
Atrus actually wrote it. I just followed it.

Pixelgeek: that is a very nice animation :slight_smile: (since i said i wouldn’t ask any more questions for a while) :question: i hope u figure out what the question in my mind is… :laughing: i really like that Curvewarp feature :exclamation: its very cool :exclamation:

Windows SVN build 2261 is now available for download.


Note: This install does not include metaballs or filled rectangle examples. If you want to see those, and you’re feeling adventurous, copy to your c:\Program Files\synfig\lib\synfig\modules directory, and add a line with the word ‘example’ to the c:\Program Files\synfig\etc\synfig_modules.cfg (using a text editor that understands unix linefeeds). If you can’t understand this paragraph, don’t try this at home. I’m sure it’ll be included in future updates automatically.

Yes I had tried it and quitted, because I had a hard time using the software and building the code. Can you build a tutorial using codeblocks (software)?

Realistically? Probably not…