New Windows GIT versions available

For your cutting edge pleasure, I offer a new version of Synfig for Windows…

Old style - still need GTK, GTKmm, but compiled with GTK 2.16, so you may need to update if you’re still running GTK 2.10. (Thanks to Zelgadis for helping me update) … master.exe (7MB) … master.exe (4.5MB)

****** OR ********

Shiny new all in one installer!!! Uninstall GTK, GTKmm, and just install this one! (24MB)

P.S. the all in one version has SVG support. I think I forgot to fix it for the old style.

You still need to restrict Synfig Studio to only one CPU/Core.

Congratulations, Pixelgeek! ^___^

Thanks Pixelgeek I’ll be installing this ASAP to see how it works.

\o/ Unified installer and with all the new features! Coolio!


I’ve installed your all-in-one package;
Each time I launch the program, there’s these lines in the console:
"synfig<2548> [time] info: loading modules from …/etc/synfig_modules.cfg

synfigstudio.exe:2548: Gtk-WARNING **: Inserting action group ’ ’ into UI manager which already has a group with this name"

and this last line repeated 9 times, and the “2548” number is different each time.

Is it “normal”?

Yes. This seems to be a by-product of updating to GTK 2.16.

I’ve been meaning to mention it to Genete to see if he’s tried it. I haven’t had a chance to dig into it though.

Everything works OK apart from the warning message though, right?


Yep for now everything seems to work quite right.
Only one thing is a bit weird: each time I launch it, the layer panel and the tool options panel are above the info/colr one, so I have to move them down…

Also I’ve another message in the console, when closing a document:
" Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_ui_manager_insert_action_group: assertion ‘g_list_find private_data->action_groups> != NULL’ failed "

repeated 2 times, with “info: closed” between them.
Is it related to the previous “WARNING” ?

I have that message in linux too. So it is not windows related.
One of those days I or someonelse should dig what’s the cause of those messgaes… :unamused:


I now, my installer is not very nice, but I´m happy for you inspiration and making a new, better windows package, because taht´s what I´m training ! That´s my idea !

Good work !!! :exclamation: :smiley:

It was the kick I needed, thank you!


I think is better now relasing all new synfig versions on windows like this
Shiny new all in one installer!!!
If you can, please do this for the next time !

Thanks for you time !!! :wink:

can you update the Development snapshots for windows in the download wiki page?


Thanks for the all-in-one installer.

Edit: The program crashes anytime I edit the points of a gradient (tested if download/PC/network was issue).

Hmmm… Not seeing that here. Can you type up the steps to reproduce it and post it in the bugs section of the forum?