New users is manually approved

As we’ve had problems with spammers we’ve taken the measure to manually approve the first post of every new member. This has helped a lot with the spam, we’re basically free from it now.
It does however mean that it may take a little while for you real people before you can post freely here.
We are a handful of moderators that approve you (or disapprove spammers) so typically it shouldn’t take longer than a a few hours or a day before you are approved.

IMPORTANT: Now during vacations it may take a little longer but we haven’t forgotten you.

Also it may happen that a legit post is disapproved in error, I don’t think it has happened yet but there is a possibility. If so, please mail us and we’ll fix it right away.

Sorry for the inconvenience and welcome to our spam-free community!

Hi My name is Natashajames and I am working as animation designer in Canada and I love animation.

Natashajames hello and welcome here.

It is the best way to reduce spams. Most of the websites do it nowadays. Anyway, I am would like to say thanks for accepting me as a member.

I have made a few posts already, but it seems like every time still I get the message saying that my “first post” still needs to be approved. Maybe the limit is more like 10 posts? Then the message could be updated. Anyway, hope the spammers will leave us alone.

It should not happen. I have same issue when I post in a sub-forum (Chinese) , you know, I am the moderator of that sub-forum. I guess there is something strange happened in our database, hope we can fix it soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

I have just manually removed you from “New registered users” group. This should happen again to you.

Can’t you manage it from the admin panel ?

We’ve had some forum issues with users newly registering for a few weeks in mid january-early february. This should be fixed now for new users but those registered in that time period may still have problems. They have to be manually moved to approved group. Sorry for the inconvenience.