New user introduction

Good evening all,

I am new (just downloaded) and wanted to introduce myself. I work in process safety and want to create some short animations to use at work to convey process safety concepts. I create static vector images already for work and fun.

One quick question - I did want to download the manual as a starting point but I keep receiving a DNS error. Does anyone know when it may be available again?


Hi and welcome :slight_smile:
Nice to see Synfig is used not only as a hobby but as a tool for professional work too.
About the wiki/manual, I sent a mail a few hours ago to Konstantin about this DNS problem, please be patient for a few hours, we are not in the same Time Zone.
During that time, you can still watch videos on Youtube or purchase the Official Synfig Training Course available as Pay-What-You-Want! :wink:

Edit: Here is a workaround to access the Wiki

Thanks for the extra information Bob. Appreciate you taking the time.