new tutorial on the wiki: looping background

Hi all,

I just discovered Synfig and I am enjoying it, although the limited documentation makes it quite difficult to pick up, at least for somebody like me who knows 0 about animation :slight_smile:

As a small give back to the community, while learning, I wrote a looping background tutorial on the wiki. Thanks to the many posts by Genete and others in the forums for all the information that made writing the tutorial possible.

Feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Hello pupazzo. Great tutorial! Thank you!
And welcome to Synfig, nice introduction :slight_smile:

Hi pupazzo!
That’s a great addition to the wiki!

rylleman, Genete,

thanks :slight_smile:

Awesome article! even with the sample sif file :slight_smile:

nice tutorial, I hope I can follow it to improve my synfig skill this weekend:)

Thanks pupazzo, I saw you did a huge amount improvements as well for wiki, thanks!

eldruin, thanks. jcome, I am happy you noticed my wiki gardening :slight_smile: