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I just found Synfig and I think it is something I can learn. It seems to be a lot easier than Blender. I am having problems with the free Youtube lessons. I can not find the file to download with the boy etc. to use in the lessons. Do I need to get the paid lessons to get the file I need to download for the lessons. Thanks you all.

Hello and welcome to the community! What file with the boy are you referring to? Could you provide a link to the tutorial? Also there are lots of free lessons out there, so you don’t need to pay for lessons unless you feel inclined to do so.

Both Blender and Synfig have their own learning curve. Blender is mainly for 3D with some 2D aspects via grease pencil. Synfig is for 2D. There are alot of free tutorials for synfig online @Khemardi 's channel has plenty to get you started.

Dear Khemardi,
Thanks so much for answering me so soon. Answering your question it was on the Synfig YouTube channel. Lesson Two. The instructor said there was a sample file called I could not find that file anywhere and I wasn’t the only one. Everyone kept saying in comments. “Where’s the file?” So please tell me how to get the file so I can go on to lesson two.

Great. I will look for Khemardi’s channel. The lesson I used was synfig youtube channel. I am sure that both software have their own learning curve. But for me Blender hit me in the head and knocked me out. At least I was able to understand the lessons for synfig. I think that different things just resonate with some people more than others. My brain couldn’t get Blender at all. Also, my old computer broke and I couldn’t afford a computer that could handle Blender but it seems to be okay with synfig. Also, for what I’m doing to help my husband, it just doesn’t need 3d. So is Khemardi’s channel on Youtube and is it called Khemardi’s? Thanks for answering so fast and helping me. I really appreciate it.

The files are located on the Morevna project page here:


Hey @Ripsimeh, @ktim was referring to my youtube channel here: Yow Khemardi Synfig Tutorials - YouTube

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Thanks so much for helping me. :smile_cat:

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