New to Synfig, Canvas resizing issue

Hello there,

I want to create smooth looped animated portraits. I am beginning with a portrait I’ve made on a painting program. I have separated every moving object into layers and exported them individually into .png files. The canvas sizes for every single one of those is the same as the background as I’m using.

Now, I want to import them to synfig to start animating, but when I try resizing the canvas with Canvas >Properties, the canvas doesn’t end up the same size as my work. They don’t seem to align either. Is there a simple way to resize the canvas and align them correctly, without having to scale and move every single layer manually?

Do you want to change your canvas to the same size of your portraits or the contrary?

I want to change the canvas size.
By the way, what I meant is that the layers are all 2723x2820 pixels wide, but when I try to change the canvas size on synfig to that it’s neither the same size and it also doesnt fit the shape correctly.

Did you try to set canvas size before importing images?