New Synfig User

Hello everybody. I’m new to Synfig and animation in general. So I have a steep learning curve ahead of me, and hoped the forum could give me a helping hand along the way.

My idea is that I will do the artwork in Manga Studio (where I like their brushes) and then import every frame into Synfig. I imagine this is horribly time consuming, but it seems to be the only way to get the effects I want. I tried Pencil, which is too glitchy, and Blender, which was too fancy for 2D. Synfig seems like the best software for what I want, but looks tricky to use. I’m endlessly confused by the supporting documentation, but that’s more due to my tiny brain than any fault with the writing. No matter how many times I read about canvas sizing, and follow the video instructions, it doesn’t turn out right. But I’m determined to stick at it.

I look forward to seeing what others are doing with Synfig.

Hi SpecimenB41 and welcome here,

Did you found the List Import feature ?

Are you talking about that canvas/image_tab page ? (duplicated with render page) Your brain is not (totally) responsible, nobody fully understand that part of synfig (without taking a look to the code) , in fact the brain of the ones who have coded that are a bit guilty :-0 … Some work is planned there … (Feature discution/ render ui redisgn)

have fun!

Thanks for the welcome d.j.a.y.

I had no idea you could import multiple files at once, so thanks for the link. That’s a relief. The idea of importing hundreds of frames one by one was pretty horrifying! And yep, the image tab was the one I was baffled by - as soon as I saw the guy getting his calculator out in the video to figure out the dimensions I thought ohhh nooo, this is way more complicated than I’m used to! I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

Feel to free to participate to the debate about this obscure design:wink: