New Synfig Studio Single threading enabled

Recently pixelgeek (our windows binary maintainer) has released a version with an internal option of use a single thread for rendering enabled. See the article here:

I’ve downloaded and tested in a Vista laptop and it still failing:

  1. Open Synfig Studio and open pirates.sifz > crash
  2. Run Synfig Studio again and open pirated.sifz again and doesn’t crash. Set a aniamtion lenght > crash

Laptop properties:
Windows Vista Home Edition 32 bits
HP pavilion dv6000
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz


Can you check the contents of your settings file? There should be an entry, pref.single_threaded=1

Also, you should see lines on the console confirming that it is actually running in a single thread (I see two lines coming up every time the canvas is re-rendered).


Unfortunately theat laptop is not mine and I only have access to it from time to time. I’ll check your questions next time I use it.

After change the pref.single_threaded=1 it changes it behaviour completely! I can open pirates.sifz and add a timeline without a crash!!! Even I can scrub the timeline without problems!!!
Also I see the message telling the single thread thing in the terminal.
Good job pixelgeek and good job dooglus!!!
I think this change should be tested by more users!

One question, for a new user and a new and clean installation, is the single thread preference set to 1 by default?
Please, windows users, confirm this new improvement!

Yay! Glad you got it working.
Yes, for a clean install the preference are set to 1 by default. That’s the only credit I can claim. All other kudos go to Dooglus. I’m just kicking myself I didn’t realize it was there all this time.


Hey pixelgeek,
I have the opportunity to test the synfig version again. It still working well with single thread but I would like to check one feature that I don’t get to work:
It is supposed that in synfig 0.62.00 you can ALT-drag a keyframe widget with the mouse and it would decrease the previous keyframe length. I cannot get to make it work. Can any windows user confirm that bug?
I’m using eye.sifz sample file.