New Layer: Sound

This is the idealization of a feature request to add sounds to synfig/ sinfigstudio.

  1. Synfig / Synfigstudio can have several soundtracks.
  2. Each soundtrack is a layer. So a new layer type is needed. Lets call it Sound layer (hey! I’m fine today! :slight_smile:)
  3. The sound scope is the canvas. Outside the canvas the sound is muted. It means that if you disable a canvas that have a sound layer inside it will not be rendered. Also that if you open a canvas separately and render it you only render that sounds inside, logically.
  4. Sound layer parameters can be related to sound manipulation: Sound file, offset time, amplitude, tone, etc.
  5. Sound layers are affected by Time loop layer, and Duplicate layer if they are over it. Time offset of the paste canvas layer affects to the sound layer too.
  6. The graph panel can be used to display the sound wave.
  7. The parameter “sound file” cannot be exported. It must be a reference.

Any opinion? :unamused:

I like the idea.

Waypoints could also be used on, for example the “Sound file” parameter:

  1. The value at each waypoint sets which sounds are used
  2. The interpolation controls the fade in/fade out of the corresponding file.

The “amplitude” could also be animated to control the volume of the sounds, making it possible to fade in/out sounds this way too.

There is a huge amount of potential in an idea like this, especially if synfig gets hooked up to multimedia frameworks like gstreamer and audio plugin stuff like LADSPA.

I think it would be good to flesh out the idea and write a spec for how animators would want it to work on the wiki. This could also form the documentation for the feature once someone starts to work on it.

Check out here: