New host services

Finally we have set out bones in a (hopefully) fixed place. All the wiki, forums and website databases are now hosted at services.
As you already have noticed, we keep the domain access so most of the world users won’t notice anything at long term,
If you still seeing something non functional or fell something missing from the previous state please let us know.

I wish to publicly give thanks to Zelgadis for all his dedication and help to conduct the migration to a good end.

Finally if you consider give any donation to Synfig Project you can give it to

Thanks for your patience.

or if you speak English :slight_smile:

The whole site feels much faster now, especially the forum. Blazing fast!

Great you dudes!

Hi. I decided to write small report about progress on Synfig website. :slight_smile:

As you already may know, last time I’m raving at the wiki trying to bring it into order. I trying to arrange existing content into solid manual to provide a good way to learn for end users. The rough outline is here It’s quite messy now, I haven’t started to work on the concept yet - it’s just outline.

Please note, that the purpose of the Manual is not to cover every aspect of Synfig, but guide user through essential concepts of animation production with Synfig Studio. For a complete list and detailed description of each Synfig function, user should take look to Reference (

Before starting to work on Manual content I decided to set up mediawiki to PDF export, to ensure that it is possible and to be able to make regular snapshots of documentation from the early stages. Here’s the first result: .
Quite messy, but it will be improved, believe me. :slight_smile:

If you want to know more about Synfig Web Infrastructure Reorganization Roadmap, please consult this page - … ganization)/

Great work, i came today at forums wondering if something new about Synfig Studio would be available and the roadmap is what i was looking for, and also the Wiki feels more agile, just two days back i was looking at the wiki for more info aout layers and the layout was pretty strange, like if the browser had not loaded everything but now is fine.

aaalso something recals my atention in the roadmap for 1.0, what exactly means 'Free drawing tools '?, some kind of basic pencil-coloring integration with Synfig? (for frame by frame animators)

This functionality is awesome for an offline user as me, thanks a lot!

Would be even more powerful with kind of an “export” page that would duplicate all main current content of the wiki and allow for a single (up-to-date) pdf export… or let’s say 2 or 3 export pages by major topics: newbies - effects - rendering

thanks again,

PS: by the way: I run other mediawiki wikis, could you point me to the way you got this nicely working? I tried through latex->pdf; docbook->pdf and html->pdf but was never quite satisfied with the result.

There will be 3 “export pages” - Manual, Tutorials, Reference. Or maybe we will join them into single one. It is possible to export any set of pages.

There are few extensions for that task, we’re using PdfBook. Unfortunately, there are lot of problems with pdf export.

First, it is VERY resource-consuming process for large wikis. We can’t afford to run it on the main production server. That’s why I’m running export procedure on local mirror, which is exact copy of

Second, it needs htmldoc installed on your server. Current versions of htmldoc have problems with multibyte symbols and as result you will be unable to use utf-8. If your wiki is in single language, then that’s not a problem - just specify proper charset. For synfig wiki that’s not true and we need utf-8. Looks like that problem is solved on recent beta of htmldoc, but again it’s not likely to expect BETAS installed on production servers. I plan to install latest htmldoc on local mirror server to get transparent pdf export. Currently I’m using PdfBook to output desired wiki pages into single html page and after that using OpenOffice to convert it to pdf. That’s it.

If your wiki is not using custom templates based on string functions, then consider using as more versatile solution. It uses third-party server to do conversion, thus don’t require additional software on your server and have no significant impact on performance.

thanks for the technical explanations of your pdf export… I think I’ll go look at OpenDocument_Export and script-based conversion to pdf.


Here’s a draft for download page. Feedback please.

I want different icons for various package types - need to search for tango icon set or something like that…

wow, definitely is a good change for the download page, i think those icons work, just need a little badge with Synfig logo and maybe in the color of the OS is intended to be

Zelgadis: go for it! :wink:

I would be glad to help for these icons, but need SVG import to be fixed if you want them in synfig format.

As it’s for the website, if you provide them in SVG format it’s OK! ^___^

a set of icons. feel free to comment. They are meant for big sizes (~150x150) otherwise the logo on the box is too small.

rename svg.txt to svg to get the sources: Synfig_package_icons__on-the-box.svg.txt (1.26 MB)

and a variant that works better in small sizes for the OS logo is bigger… but you got only 1 distro for deb & rpm… so I prefer the former serie if you got place enough.

again, any comment/suggestion is welcome.
Synfig_package_icons__floating.svg.txt (1.25 MB)

They look cool!
I wanted to ask to put logos near the packages, but you already catched my idea! Maybe make synfig logo a little bigger in the second version? And I suggest to remove blue square near the penguin. That’s all my thoughts. Good work!

(BTW, I have enabled uploading of svg on the forum)

Cool icons berteh!
I like them much!

Great icons!
I would have to disagree with Zelgadis about the blue square. It is an icon for an executable, which suggests that the download is not a package. However, I don’t know if it’s universally recognizable, or used only by Ubuntu.

When switching hosts, I think we scrapped the doxygen pages and the review board. I would like to eventually see the doxygen pages restored because they can be useful in development.

Then leave only one icon. (But I still like Tux icon better ^___^ )

Doxygen pages are here:
Reviewboard is lost, because we can’t afford hosting that monster.

Thanks for all the comments. here’s an updated version of the 2 sets of icons. (with a lonely penguin in both sets and increased synfig logo size in the “floating” version.)