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whats going on with the other posts they seem a bit spammy?!


Hello jermaine and welcome here…

Yep, during a few weeks the synfig forum was under a tsunami of spams, and this even lightly corrupt the forum database (one spam message remain undelete and seems to can’t be…) .

Now ,look like the wave is behind us …

Hi, I joined yesterday but got deleted immediately. Anyway, I am here to learn how to use the program to do simple animations for my youtube chanel. I do “citizen science” and often an animation helps a lot. I used animated gif’s in the past and they are bluddy tedious! I invented the “pulser pump” and it is on wikipedia now. I did note already that my version of the program only saves an animated png (as one big file) if I save to the “gif” option. So please check that out. Every other option gave me hundreds of png’s. The animated png opens up with firefox. It is pretty neat. So, I will wait and see if I get deleted again. Note Save as gif and you will get an animated png. That will save people a lot of frustration. Brian (Victoria BC Canada)

Hi Brian,
can you tell us what’s your username that was deleted? I want to check that.

Regarding to the “big png that plays on Firefox” I bet it is a gif file. Despite the extension of the file (maybe you leaved it as png) the produced file format depends on the target, so if you selected gif target, it is a gif :wink:

The username that got deleted was gaiatechnician. And the only thing that worked for me to animate a file was that gif setting and firefox. Thanks. I am just working on my animation tonight. I want part of it to start about 5 seconds in but when I make something at that time. A ball or a raindrop, it shows up at the start too. How do I deal with this? I just want the raindrops to appear at the 5 or 10 second mark. I have water vapour rising, turning into a cloud and then rain drops have to start falling. Haven’t figured out how to do it just yet. But I have to say, this is so much sweeter than working with the gimp to make animated gifs…! Brian

Hey Brian it was me who banned that user. It is the first time I deleted a user and its posts being it legal. I apologize for that. If it serves as excuse, we are suffer lately a lot of spam and so, initial posts that are off topic or suspicious could lead to that mistake.

Regarding to the how to start something visible not from the initial frame I refer to this and this.

Thanks for the help. It is finally coming together. A few points to help other people. Using sygfig, I learned that I don’t really know how to work in win 8.1 expecially, I don’t know the best way to control the windows. If i go to the windows toolbar (I found this 3 days after looking for a way to pin the windows) and click it, you can have the windows cascade stacked or side by side. Which is best or which is recommended for sygfig? Anyway, I got fed up with that and downloaded the linux version and it is working great on my desktop. My desktop is about a decade old but everything behaves and the screen is big enough that I can see all the windows at once so I can actually see what each change does. Far better for learning! I will render it on the win 8.1 laptop. I render in the background when I am doing the emails and browsing. Strange thing is I can turn off the laptop when it is doing a render and when it comes on, the thing starts right up and continues to render like nothing has happened. That is kind of neat. Rendering is a bit slow but that makes up for it. I don’t know how to do that bug report thing. (About rendering to gif and getting an animated png instead)… Take care and thanks Brian

here is the issue trackerfor synfig project.

then, … you can have a lot of infos about how to report a bug