New From the Philippines

I am new to the forum but old to life (75).
I live in the Philippines just outside Manila with my Wife and Son. I am originally from Ohio in the U.S. in case anyone is wondering.
My past includes 45 years in Electronic and Physical repair and Calibration with the military and around the world.
Since retiring here in 2004, I have been trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.
I wrote a few books on Amazon, I made a few movies on Youtube, and even made some games with the different easy game engines.
Now I am trying to make a game using Construct2. I don’t want to use canned backgrounds and Hero and Bad Guys so I decided to try to learn how to make them.
I stumbled across Synfig and have spent the afternoon making a few circles move around the screen. I am sure I will have many questions in the near future about how to do different things but I will save those questions for different threads. I already have printed out the manual and am using it as a reference.
I hope to be able to relax here and have lots of fun. I don’[t get around much these days so I am on the computer when everyone is sleeping. Time Zones.
Greetings everyone.
Ken :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums Ken!
Please don’t doubt to ask your doubts but please take a first look to the wiki. Most of the usual initial questions are more or less solved there.