New Animated short "Vampire Bowler's Delight"

This is created from the Geek Shock podcast, where one of the guys (The Famous Paul) often goes off on improvised riffs. This time he came up with a rapping vampire running a bowling alley. I also got the host (Master Torgo) to do a voice intro so I could have a consistent opener for more videos. Backgrounds were created in Inkscape, and exported as png files so I could keep the gradients, special fills and cut outs. All the characters were made in Synfig. I also used the 1.1.7 development build to take advantage of the new import Papagayo file feature. I would recommend building your animations in a stable build first, and then importing into the dev build to add the ppo file. I used the dev build early on, and had to deal with a lot of crashing. It all turned out well in the end.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions.

Good work! Seems you nailed the lypsync. Must have been a lot of work. The crashes set aside, did the ppo file speed up your workload a lot? VERY cool intro.

Very good animation and lip sync. :slight_smile:

Great job on the video! I’m having a little trouble with my lip syncing when two characters are speaking and was wondering if you could explain how you set it up (I seem to be okay with one character). Did you create two pgo files? Thanks!