new and need help

hello. first i’d like to say that i am [i]not[i] a spambot! second i am very intersted in making animations so when i found this software i was really excited because it sounded exactly like what i wanted. however i am as enexpirenced in this field as a modle is anerexic! and i could definatly use any help that anyone would be willing to give! that said i already have a question that show just how technolagically illiterate i am: how do i open the program? i have already downloaded it and installed it. i have opened the folder i put it in and several folders appear inside it. i have tryed several things inside those folders but none of them seem to open the actual program. please help!


What system do you have? Linux?; what flavour? Windows?; which version? Mac? Which files did you download and install?

Moreover, which is the source of your downloaded and installed Synfig version? Did you download from our website or form other internet place?
If you’re in linux, simply write synfigstudio in one terminal prompt will run the program. If in Windows you should find it on the Start menu.

ok well i have windows, i downlaoded it from this site, and i think i found how to open it… is it just like a whole bunch of diffrent windows saying… like navigator… params, and stuff like that?.. cause if so i found out how to open it… now the only problem is actually figuring out how to use it… which i’m resding the stuff for on this site… if thats not it then… i still have no idea how to open it. please let me know! and thanks sooo much for your help!

It sounds like you might want to start by reading the wiki -
There are other tutorials there, and some tutorials on YouTube also.

ok, thanks! i didn’t know there were some on youtube, and thanks for the link. looking forward to doing some animation that isn’t with stick figures… mabey with some filled in stick figures! :smiley: :smiley: