New and baffled

Hi everyone from the UK.

I am very new at this. I have taken it on myself to create (try to create!) some moving diagrams for an E-learning tool that I am working on. Most of my drawing work is done in vector packages (MS Expression Design normally).

I work for a small firm with no real budget, so the more content I can generate for our online learning, the better. Basically I want to make diagrams of central heating circuits, and show what happens when a valve opens, or a thermostat is satisfied.

I have got as far as making a length of pipe change from red to blue (hey, everyone’s gotta start somewhere!) but this is going to get complicated reallllly quickly!

If I already have a simple schematic, is there any way of importing into Synfig and using it as a reference drawing? So that I don’t have to redraw parts that would never move in the finished animation.

Does anyone else use Synfig for this sort of application?

Anyway, I am going to plough through the starter tutorials, but any hints of where to start are always welcome!!

Best regards

In short:
“You can do whatever kind of animation you want with Synfig” :mrgreen:

I was hoping that would be the case - it seems like a reasonably straightforward tool, it’s just a matter of spending time getting used to it!

I have a specific “how to” though, so I guess I had better start a new thread for that!