New 1.5.1 Bones Tool Problems

I’ve been having problems creating skeletons in the 1.5.1 series and beyond. A new skeleton tool was created, and the old method was eliminated at some point between 1.4 and 1.5. The old method was: right-click a bone and see a menu item to create its child.

In theory, the new bone-tool can do this by selecting any bone, and then click-drag the two spots for the child bone. BUT, the ability to select a bone ( it gets highlighted yella brackets when selected) is defective, and it is not in general possible to correctly select a bone. I encourage you to try some simple skeleton operations using the new bone tool to see what I mean.

I’ll follow up with a more explicit example of the problem if I don’t see a reply confirming my observations. Thanks I love you bye bye.

I think it’s fixed to the next development release.

Iit would be good if you tell us reproducible steps to face the problems you faced :slight_smile: then we can check if it’s already fixed or if we have more stuff to do about it.

Thanks. It’s good, I like the new tool. “Problem exists between keyboard and chair” or pebkac as they say, once I got the hang of what was pickable and when I got past the frustration. There is perhaps an odd relationship between the first bone and second that I just accept now, but I’m now building skeletons far faster than with the old method. Two thumbs up for the skeleton tool, and I’ll see if I can gather a demo about that one thing.

Edited to add: I tried it out, can’t reproduce any issue :+1: