Need suggestions on improving a 2D animation clip

Hey all!

I am working on a 2D animation for a music video and would like some help regarding how to improve it. This is my first time trying to animate and I tried the first couple of shots. I know that the frame rate and frame spacing need improvement. I have used 12 fps but the script necessitates a smooth animation. Should I go for a higher frame rate or can a smoother result be obtained without increasing the frames? Apart from the frame rate, what else do you think could be improved?

General feedback not related to the questions above is also welcome.

I’d like to add that our team is currently trying to find a 2D animator for collaboration on this project. I am actually the storyboard artist for the project and have no prior experience with animation. We were unable to find a 2D animator and hence, I took it upon myself as a last resort. We have a good script, music and the storyboard is completely ready too. If any of you want to come on board for the animation, please let me know. If not, I am happy to receive advice on how to improve. Thanks a ton in advance! :slight_smile: