Need help! "Setting up the workspace"

I just downloaded Synfig and I’m guessing it’s a newer version. I looked at the “Getting Started” tutorial at I read from the beginning and found out to create an animation is to go to “Edit → Properties” that is “between the horizontal and vertical rules, in the top left hand corner of the canvas.” …But I can’t find anything like that. I even checked a YouTube tutorial and saw that person (who put up a beginner’s tutorial) had an Edit button on their Synfig. Someone commented on it they had the same problem as me, but no one seems to know.

So what I need help is, how can I start creating an animation with the latest version that I have? Am I missing anything that could be require to use Synfig?

Hi kthor,
The canvas caret menu is a bit hidden for newcomers. In order to fix your problem as soon as possible, can you run Synfig Studio and paste here a screenshot of the whole screen?

Hello & welcome to synfig,

You don’t NEED to go to “Edit → Properties” to CREATE an animation; but to change the duration (default is 5 second long), or to adjust the size/proportion of your work…

Anyway … are you looking for the caret menu ?
The version you have (0.63.05 ?) do not contain “major” changes and most part of the documentation is up to date.

I suggest you, that if you want to learn synfig to read slowly / fully / clicking the links … the synfig first part of the doc :
<< • Manual • >>

Thank you for replying! I can now see the “Canvas Properties Dialog”. I could barely see the “Canvas Menu Caret” (the little button in the upper left corner on the Canvas screen) because it was SO small on my screen. The symbol on the button almost looked like a dot than a play button thingy. :neutral_face: I needed the menu because I was following the tutorial to learn the basics.

I will begin reading how to use Synfig slowly. (Yes, the version I have is 0.63.05)

Thanks again! It was very helpful! :smiley: