Need help in creating single stroke from outline

My problem stems from scanning a line drawing, saving it as a jpeg file and converting it to a vector file in Inkscape. I have no problem doing this part, but when I go to print the vector outline instead of being a simple single line it is an outline vector which prints as an outline on my eggbot.

What I would like to do it to convert this outline to a simple single line/vector. That way my colored portions of the drwaing will be outlined by a simple thin line. I have atached a photo of an egg that shows the problem

Does anyone have any suggestions as to resolving my problem?

I am somewhat new to Inkscape, so my terminology may not be correct.



We are also fan of Inkscape but maybe you have to ask to its community for this specific Inkscape problem.

Yes, looks like I goofed. Can the query be deleted?