Need a Synfig Graphic Designer

Hi guys, I need a Synfig Graphic Designer for my project

What is a Synfig Graphic Designer? Do you mean someone who can create graphics using Synfig? If so, that’s almost all the members of our community. xD

Hi and Welcome here :slight_smile:
Maybe you could be a bit more descriptive in your request.
Size of the project, goal, experience required, duration, and how much do you offer :wink:

I am pretty sure synfig is more of an 2d animation software, rather than a graphics designer. Anyways, posting this on upwork or fiverr can give you much more people who would like to work on the project.

Anyways, it could be a nice side hustle for someone like me on this forum. Maybe it could help me buy some extra boxes of orion choco pies this month :grin:

Hi Katie,
If you are still on the lookout to hire someone, I would be glad to help you out as what you are wanting done is within my skillset
You can reach out to me on my email here

Am I the only one who thought this is a bot?

Lol, what would give you that impression? I can’t be sure but I think it’s a real person.

I guess joining and posting on the same day with no other interactions. But meh I guess as long as no scammy external links are posted we could give the benefit of the doubt eh ? ; )

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