My short term plans

My short term plans in coding Synfig are:

  1. New interpolation method: “Smart” to give response to this thread: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1603
  2. Fix Groups Panel. Behavior is incomplete.

Wish me good look! :mrgreen:

Wow nice plan. good luck :mrgreen:

I hope I can finish my preview window improvement plan and code more…

Wow! :smiley:
I’m a happy camper now. :slight_smile:

G’luck mate! :mrgreen:

Good luck!

good luck Genete. and merry Xmas!

New interpolation method is finished. See some results on the thread itself. The original requester of the new interpolation method (rylleman) has tested it and it just what he was looking for.

The Groups behavior is mainly fixed but I would share with you my discoveries to see if there is room for any other improvement:
Let’s describe the Groups behavior highlighting what didn’t work before and now is fixed.

  1. Right click on a layer allows to add the layer to a group using contextual menu. This can be done on a Layer at the Group Panel
  2. A layer can only belong to a group at one time.
  3. Left Mouse button Double click a group selects all the layers and groups in the group in the Group panel and all the layers and child layers in the Layers Panel.
  4. Group descriptions can be edited by clicking on its name column. FIXED
  5. Layer description can be edited in the Group’s panel like in the Layer’s panel. The edition is reflected in both panels. * FIXED*
  6. Deactivate the Layer in the Group’s panel would deactivate the Layer in the Layer’s panel and vice versa FIXED
  7. Groups can be nested by:
    a) Dragging and dropping one group inside other, Only inner children groups can be moved.
    b) By adding a layer to a group with a dot separator description: “parent.child”
  8. it is forbidden that a group is renamed with the name of a group of the same level.
  9. When Deactivating/Activating a non empty group the child groups and layers are Deactivated/Activated.
  10. Groups can be deleted completely if it has only layers. If the group contains other groups they are not recursively deleted, only the first child level of layers.
  11. Groups can be created. They start empty and unactivated.
  12. If the group is empty it can’t be activated and won’t be saved.
  13. A Layer in a group can be moved to any other group (empty or not).

Do you think there is room for more improvements or functionalities?

I was thinking on Right mouse button double click a group would make deselected all the children layers. Current behavior is the same than the left mouse button.

Thanks for reading!

I’m curious about something - why do you have to double-click on layers to select them in the Groups panel? Why can’t you simply single click on them?

Because single click selects the group item to rename it, remove it or move it. If single click does select the content then it could be hard to keep some layers selected and change the name of the group, for example.

But isn’t that just as true of the layers panel, which works with single clicks? I’m just wondering whether the layers panel and the groups panel should work in the same way.

Sorry but I misunderstood the first question. You were talking about layers and I understood group folders. Let me think on it. I would like to see the advantages and disadvantages of select a layer by single click on the groups panel.

Sorry Genete, my first post wasn’t very clear :blush:

I think that it’s always a good idea to try and make similar dialogs or panels work in a similar way. It makes the program easier to learn for beginners.