My latest finished work!

Dear Synfig friends,

Here is my latest animation…I will be extremely grateful if you watch it and maybe leave a comment… :smiley:

Thanks in advance


Hey Leila,

Great to see you didn’t give up after all those problems with Synfig slowness and video rendering. This is a good animation and rendered video looks smooth.
Nice work!

Thanks for your comment Svarov :slight_smile: …I had a hard time doing it…but it was finally done…

I never give up because I am a Synfig addict lol…For me it’s the best animation software ever in spite of some missing features and rendering problems, but I believe the Synfig creators are aware of them and will come up with a solution soon …fingers crossed :smiley:

Once again thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

Right hand has six finger! :smiley:

It’s great, as usual. Great work. : )

Thank you Fenix…Your comment really made me happy :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wow… It’s really good to see humty dumty video. Really appreciated work from you dude! keep it up

Oh thank you my friend…You’re so kind! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Looks good. I really enjoyed it.

You’re so kind! Thank you! :smiley: