My fisrt animation project

This was my first animation project, until now that I am old, even though I have wanted to be an animator since I was in elementary school, I dreamed of having a Walt Disney at that time.
With Synfig, what I dreamed of could be achieved. I also learned about Blender, but my computer’s capacity was not sufficient.
Now I am pursuing new projects, although they are not too ambitious.

Can friends on this forum provide advice regarding my first animation?

I propose to you with basmallah

The set is nice. You need to know more about the principals of animation. The animation is too fast, when the gentleman walks. Then alot of work should be done on lipsync. Also the characters blinking need to be worked on. I suggest that you find a very short clip, where you think the characters walk or blink just fine, then analyse it, frame by frame to know how it’s done/ number of frames/photos needed.