My first Synfig Animation

I know it is not that fluent, but im still proud of it :wink:
Feel free to comment and suggest how I can get better


Hello Ranadheer and welcome to the forums!
Fantastic work finishing your first Synfig animation! It looks like the GIF converter gave you some trouble with those artifacts. One way to get around this is to render an image sequence instead and use a different program like GIMP, Blender, ffmpeg, or online converters to compile those frames into a GIF.

I’d love to hear about any challenges, big or small that you overcame making your hat guy turn and walk. It’s valuable to hear a new users perspective.


Thank you for the response @GregorysonofCarl I did not face many challenges making this, thanks to @Khemardi. The only challenging part was to find my way around the interface. This is my first animation not only on synfig but on any software ever. I look forward to making many more animations in future preferably using Synfig only.


thanks for the awesome information.