My first synfig animation (tank tracks experiment)

Hi guys, I’m new here, downloaded synfig yesterday, played with it for about 2 hours and this is what I ended up with:

Ultimately I want to see if I can use synfig as a tool for game assets. I’m in the middle of a project with GODOT and need to make a military vehicle type of thing maybe with some complex, but minimalist looking like wheels, hahah. This is my first test and I think it works for both tracks and stuff like chainsaws, conveyer belts etc. Thanks for this awesome project!

My game project page if anyone is interested can be found here. I have a separate repository for assets, where I’ll be developing with synfig uand other great open source software, but all info is there, including the steps to create this unfinished “tank tracks” experiment.

Update #1: so as it turns out, if I want to add a little distortion with the Noise Distort Layer… it breaks :confused:
Update #2: added a different variation, by changing the dimensions of the Rectangle Region Layer, also struggled a lot with that Noise Distort Layer, finally managed to output the image, turns out it was all for nothing, cause you can’t see it anyway :slight_smile: