My first (real) Synfig animation.

Hello Synfig forum, and welcome to ma topic. Here I shall post my first (real) animation made with Synfig. I have know about Synfig for a while and have made a few short little gifs that were fun to make, but this is my first real animation.“The First Christmas”. This was my submission for the Godlimation Christmas Contest. Production was about three days and one night(I had a dead line), which you can tell. Not exactly happy with it, but if the shoe fits, wear it. Had a blast making it, tho. I don’t think I will get it into the contest but I’m just happy I could get it done. :smiley: In production, I learned so much more about Synfig than I knew the program had to offer to me. This is my first and not my last. Be expecting more from me in the future(hopefully they will look better than this one).

P.S.If any of the programmers of Synfig are reading this, get flash, Actionscript, and sound working! >:D

Very nice!

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done!

Maybe you can share with the rest of us some of the details of how you created it? How long it took; the workflow you used; any lessons you learned; etc. Maybe we can learn something from your experience.

Anyway, congratulations…


Very nice.

Of course. Welcome. :smiley:

I agree with the above posts - very nicely done - good artwork, well timed with the music, good use of flowing clothes to hide the walking legs… :slight_smile:


Marcus and other synfig forum members! Please please help if you can… – I enjoyed your animation – what I wonder is how what software do you use to put the sound behind the synfig animation? I am a real NEWBIE with animation but I fell in love with the Marianne Petit animations ( “When I Was Three” which is a podcast to subscribe to); they are 1+ minute long, simple, 2D animations, completed in about 3 hours she says, (with unknown software) which are little stories about her childhood, and I have decided to learn enough about animation software so that I can do the same and maybe even make animation my 7th career (I am 67 and so far I have been a nun (1.5 years), a teacher/play director(7years), a stay at home mother of three (12 years), a Radio advertising saleswoman, (2 years) a free lance artist/painter (5 years), and a bankruptcy/family law attorney (16 years))…Marianne Petit puts narration and music behind the animations which also have the narration written in text on them, and I like that style for my own little minute long stories about my childhood. I think synfig looks to be the best animation software to use, but I wonder what video editing software can be used to which I can import synfig and then add narration and music to it! Please answer me at if you can – because I am not sure I can find any answer you might post here!!

Wow! that’s a great career!
You have a list of the video editors here: … g_software
Choose any one that fits your requirements.
On Linux I would give a try to Openshot. In windows you might need to go to a freeware or propietary software or try Blender.