My first project is now finished!

Hello everyone!

A friend of mine asked me to create an animation from this image:

Took me a while to complete, but I am pleased with the result.

The project (sif file, image and storyboard) can be found in my github:

Don’t hesitate to comment or give your opinion on how things could be improved.

Thanks in advance!

Very nice. Good short!

Good work! Nice use of Synfig. You have a little pivot point problem at frame 240 where the turning point of the right wrist comes out of the sleeve. Apart from that all the rest seems smooth. Maybe you could add an eye blink or two or change his expression when he gets pierced at the end. Nice little storyboard also.

Hi everyone!

Thanks for your feedbacks… they were appreciated :smiley: .
@darkspace65, I updated the animations with your suggestions and push them to my repo on github, but I didn’t publish the movie yet as I am working on its soundtrack.