my first project in synfig

This is my future cartoon movie, the theme is the tale of an orphan girl who falls in love with literature, His name is Malu, I’ll post some screens of the project :smiley:

I still do not know to post thumbnail images on forum… and
Sorry for bad English, I’m Brazilian :wink:

Character looks very pleasant and the other two screen shots are very suggesting. You will have a lot of fun with it!

I am a student of visual arts at university, my specialization is in painting, but I’m a fan of animation, but animation is much hard than painting :laughing:

I’m happy animating this film :wink:

I was wondering if you have a DeviantArt account. I like to see more concept art of this.By the way can this movie be under a creative commons license preferably Attribution CC BY.

Hi John.
I will read more about these licenses and i have an account on deviant also.

But I just posted one art film, the account is something more general deviat :slight_smile:

My deviant is:

updating, I’m drawing a scene more now :wink:

Great blackcat, decocrash.

Could be a very interesting character.

Thanks, I’m finishing the film, I will dub with friends, the cat appeared in one scene

Really nice work! You should definitely create a post explaining your techniques.