My first homeschooling educational resources for children

Salamu alaikum,

I’ve created my first song to help kids learn animals names and sounds with Synfig-Dev-1.3 AppImage :

My working setup is:

Debian GNU/Linux
Synfig 1.3 Dev
OpenShot 2.4
ArabEyes, Kacst and Amiri Arabic Open and Free fonts and

I tried to work with Free Software only. What do you think of it ? any advice ? my next step will be to use Synfig with papgayo for lipSyncing

Very nice work!!!
Especially because you made it all alone, right?
My compliments!

Yes, all by my own, with the help of Free Software and royalty free sounds and graphical arts.
The help of my little family with two children 5yo and 2yo
Thank you all!

A free educational resources for kids to learn names of geometric shapes in English, as part of large families homeschooling activities :

I’m using the same tools as the ones cited previously. besides, i’m using a lot of python scripting to generate scenes of my videos, since most of them are animated the same way.

Any advice ? to be quicker ?

Thank you all for this great piece of software and the community spirit!