My first explainer video through Synfig for YouTube

I have created my first animation on Synfig and uploaded it on my channel HriScience

I know there are some mistakes regarding time. But this was my first animation on Synfig.

Please check that out and tell me the suggestions. I will be appreciated.
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Very good job, accurate medically (I have pharmacists in the family).
You should raise the volume of the narration, I had to set mine full to be able to hear it.
Just try to make your own graphic style, some are too close of the one of “Kurzgesagt” :wink:


Thanks for suggestions! Actually inspired by Kurzgesagt. I would try to make new design style. But in vector drawing, it is easy to draw and looks good also.

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I just noticed a strange movement of right arm at 1:42 . I don’t know if it intentional.

@rodolforg I created it in short time and didn’t noticed it😛. Actually I didn’t place the transform point at correct location.

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Fine job! Lots of action to occupy the eye. Who is your audience, language wise? A bit hard to understand for this American.

@kwilco Thanks! I am from India, and hence, audience are Indians mostly.

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