My first animation

This is my first animation in synfig. I’ve played with anim8or and blender for awhile and wanted to start doing 2d animation, so this is the first thing I’ve come up with.

Great program by the way.



Very nice animation. Looking forward your next one!

I like it!

Matt (Not G :smiley: )

Hey, good work, really.
I am looking forward to start using Synfig also for professional targets. Soon I will get a Linux machine and I will start with Blender and Synfig.

I just have a little advice for you. I am an animator from a while and I feel like your brush has no weight or friction when is painting.
A good difference should be looking for a tutorial (or an explanation in books or websites) about Ease in and Ease out. Using this tecnique you will feel better the action. I am saying it to you because you are really close to the cutscenes of the professional studios and it should be a shame to have a poor presentation for just this little detail.


Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile: