My first animation!

I have been trying to make a animation for last 20 days, with a full 1 year practice in synfig. Let me tell from start, just a month ago, I completed to learn synfig, so I searched up for a 2d animation and found one, but as I didn’t had a idea, so I am just making the animation ditto (shoutout to my inspiration), I think this same thing could be done in 2 days. But as I like perfection, I took 10x the time. (If you find any mistake, please tell me, I would like to solve it)

And finally here it is:-

As I said, this is just a animation that matches one found online. If you have any ideas, then suggest, I would definitely like to make something without a reference to do practice.

(@DevinChopra , here it is)


@Ar_D great work for your first project :smiley:

I am not an expert on animation, but I guess the wheels could use some work, at the moment they appear to be static.

And the motion wave should be a bit lower - you must definitely add a parallax background to bring it to life.

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I would add these points. Thanks…

I actually tried to do some work on it, but I didn’t find a way to make it look like it’s moving. Do you jave any ideas for that?

Good work :slight_smile:

About time, hey, no need to rush, the most important is to progress, it always better to assimilate the base and to be able to pass the next level.

About “copying/imitating”, everyone does it at a point, we always learn by mimicking.
The most simple example is… tutorials!

Also as you stated, the original animation is not yours, we can’t consider it as stealing or for profit.
Just if possible (as I always recommend it), try to credit the original author as @veermetri05 does in his prolific thread Animation in Synfig | Micro Animation by me [project files included]

It is always pleasant for a creator to see his work being a source of inspiration for the others :wink:


I did that. I think now it’s perfect (As I have alao credited the author).

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I would say the same.

Pretty amazing for your first animation. I would suggest to do some more and then move to creating your own. If you already have some experience with drawing and animation, you may chose your path. But with some practice your thought process would be shaped according to Synfig. And will help you to create from your imagination with right process.


Not really the first, it’s actually the third. But I consider it first because the others were just made for understanding synfig.

@Ar_D I was just watching this marvelous video - I am sure you must have watched it already, if not, then do watch it.

I have got it in recommendations, never seen it.

I will watch it when I have time.

this is very interesting and please keep it up! as you said…“If you have any ideas, then suggest, I would definitely like to make something without a reference to do practice” this is my suggestion, try “The 11 Second Club” to get ideas then creating some thing with synfig

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Ok, I see, they have really good animations.