My first animated short film (2 mins 40 secs) - I choose Synfig!

Hi all,

I needed to make a fairly basic animation - really simple- but ended up getting on quite well with Synfig - which to be frank amazed me because I’m not technically very savvy. Anyway, I’m happy with the result all things considered. I really enjoyed creating the cut out style - would appreciate any thoughts, criticisms, advice.

The context of this animation is that a Conspiracy nut ( a Conspiritard if you will) is trying to provide a History of Reptilian Shapeshifters. As befits it’s moronic voice over, the animation style gets a bit of leeway for it’s ropey style - it’s meant to look cobbled together. However, I would like to get better at the cut out style for future episodes so any direction on where I could focus, further tutorials etc. I used GIMP to make the assets and characters.

Really enjoying this - not much has consumed me this intensely for a long time:)

all the best


that’s very good for first animation. It’s interesting :wink:

I’m not using cut out style but here is tutorial about cutout tool :wink:

Hi Majkel,

Thank you - really appreciate a bit of feedback. And the link to the cut out tool is perfect for me.

Thanks again:)


No problem :wink: